You Have My Heart – some lovely reviews for Mother’s Day

This week has seen the arrival of some lovely reviews of ‘You Have My Heart’. I think I can speak on behalf of Karen Tayleur, Editorial Manager at The Five Mile Press and Illustrator, Robin Cowcher, to say we couldn’t be happier with these reviews. Thank you all.

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Apr 26 2016

You have my heart by Corinne Fenton

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Ill. by Robin Cowcher. Five Mile Press, 2016. ISBN 9781760401917
(Age: 3+) Family. Love. Mental health. Mothers’ Day. Based around Parrot’s classification of the six emotions, joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and love, this charming book will give a range of language to young children to describe their feelings. The words used by Fenton have immediate appeal as they describe in short phrases exactly what it feels like to be joyous or angry, fearful, sad, surprised and loved. The tripping lines of words will be a treat to read a loud to a child or class, and will encourage children to read it for themselves. Each child listening will be able to talk about those days when they are happy or sad, but knowing that in the end they are loved, there is someone there to make them overcome those days that might not be the best, there is someone there who has their heart. This is a book to read and reread, encouraging young children to see that there are days where things might not be as good as they hoped they would be, that everyone has ‘tears-tumbling down days’ and ‘the world doesn’t like me days’, days when they need a hug and be reminded that there is always someone there that will make them stronger and has their heart. For discussing mental health issues with a younger class this would be an admirable introduction to talking about good days and bad days, encouraging children to see that they are not alone.
Originally conceived as a Mother’s Day message, the book has much wider appeal, showing children that they are not alone in times of need. The illustrations with limited colour compliment the words beautifully, using line drawings, greys and red to show the six different emotions felt by the girl, and using a red balloon to reflect the way the child is feeling.
Fran Knight


You have my Heart by Corrine Fenton and Robin CowcherYou Have my Heart

Another smallish picture book big on heart is You have my Heart. The suggestion that something special lies within begins with the padded cover and rich depth of joy portrayed by the bright red balloons, which float quietly yet purposefully throughout. The balloon belongs to someone who like us all, drifts through life on an ever-changing tide of emotions. There are good days, great days and ‘tears-tumbling-down days.’ This is a delicate exploration of Parrot’s Six primary emotions and all the other in-between days, ultimately uplifting and reassuring young readers of their value and worth and that they are loved and cherished You have my Heart illos spreadunconditionally.Cowcher’s restrained two-tone illustrations are superlative. Guaranteed to melt your heart.

The Five Mile Press April 2016

Pre-school Perfect 3 years +

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You Have My Heart by Corinne Fenton

Published by The File Mile Press

You have my Heart is the type of book you could give as a very personal gift to let someone special know you care. The message is such that it could be for a loved one or friend of any age, though at face value, it speaks to the relationship between parent and child. Established children’s author Fenton, sensitively tackles the range of emotions within us all, delivering her heart felt message through the voice of a little girl with her treasured red balloons. The motif of the black cloud that runs through illustrator Cowcher’s emotive pictures, reinforces the idea that the story may have a deeper subtext of living with depression, and the ups and downs this brings. Of course, this interpretation may also depend on the reader’s perceptions and experiences. However deeply you may wish to analyse what is otherwise a simple tale, beautifully packaged in hardback, I think the strength of this story is the universal feeling that all readers feel, or hope to feel; the idea that there is someone in our lives who is always there for us, no matter what.
A beautiful message of unconditional love and support, You have my Heart may bring a tear to your eye, or a smile to your face. A sensitive storybook that will resonate with children and the big people who read to them. Reviewed by Brydie Wright CKT Book Reviewer
Author: Corinne Fenton Illustrator: Robin Cowcher Title: You Have My Heart Publisher: The Five Mile Press ISBN: 9781760401917 Published: April 2016 Age: 4+ The Weekly Review LOVE LOVE, ACTUALLY The duo behind Little Dog and the Christmas Wish (which inspired the 2015 Myer Christmas windows), author Corrine Fenton and illustrator Robin Cowcher, have dedicated their second book to their mums (hint: Mother’s Day gift, anyone?). It’s a little beauty. Based on W.Gerrod Parrott’s study of emotions, the book celebrates how love can transcend the highs and lows of daily life.
  • You Have My Heart, by Corrine Fenton and Robin Cowcher, Five Mile Press, hardcover, $14.95.
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