‘You Have My Heart’ Book Launch – 10 April, 2016 at My Bookshop by Corrie Perkin

There were a few moments on Sunday morning as I iced 110 tiny cupcakes and placed even tinier red hearts on top, when I asked myself would it all be worth it – organising and preparing for the launch.

But as I tottered along Toorak Road in my launch-high-heels while balancing platters of cup cakes, the moment I saw the lovely  You Have My Heart window display in My Bookshop by Corrie Perkin, I knew it was worth it.

The afternoon only got better from there, with a wonderful and supportive crowd of friends, relatives, authors, illustrators and many others from all areas of the book industry – we celebrated well.

Bookshop owner, Corrie Perkin welcomed the crowd and Karen Tayleur, Editorial Manager at The Five Mile Press said some thoughtful words about the book’s creative process before introducing the launcher, well-known children’s author and illustrator Gabrielle Wang, who made a lovely launch speech (which very nearly made me cry.)

Then it was my turn and I explained how the words and idea for the book came from an illustration which Robin Cowcher sent me on the bottom of an email. Robin had used this illustration as a card she’d created for Corrie to sell in her bookshop – that’s how the book came to be.

So, this book began, not with a word, but with an illustration which inspired the words. Another difference with this book is while it can certainly be enjoyed as a children’s book, it is also a book for all ages and for all kinds of people and is perfect for mother’s day. The other point of note, which I meant to mention in my speech, but forgot, is that this is the first book I’ve ever written which is not about, or has a minor character, which is an animal!

I then introduced Robin who spoke about her illustrations and colour palette and how much she enjoyed illustrating ‘You Have My Heart.’


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  1. Julie Murphy It was certainly an event to remember - one with real heart (in many ways). Congrats that your hard work paid off, Corinne.
    April 13, 2016 at 12:11 pm · Reply
  2. Marjory Congrtulations, Corinne and Robin on your beautiful new publication!
    April 20, 2016 at 9:46 am · Reply

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