Yesterday’s Storytime & Workshop on Subbie and his mate at Robinsons Bookshop The Glen

Yesterday, Mark Wilson and I ran a Storytime and Workshop session for children at the beautiful Robinsons Bookshop at The Glen Shopping Centre.

Not only kids but several parents and grandparents joined in and I even had a go at drawing Subbie (the efforts of the children were soooo much better!). Somehow my peanut looked like a butterfly and my Subbie looked like a donkey! We all had the best time.

It was wonderful for me to read the story to the children and share the background with them (ages ranging from 4 to about 13). I shared details about Subbie – how he shared his birthday with Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and Oscar Wilde, how he visited more than 800 schools and an estimated 100,000 kids gave Subbie a pat. Also, this coming Cup Day it will be 30 years since Subbie won the Melbourne Cup.

A highlight of the session for me, was a young student telling me that Subbie and his mate reminded him of Queenie One Elephant’s Story. Made my day.

Mark shared some great drawing techniques with the kids and they were all so enthusiastic, going home with some wonderful creations.

Thank you to all the staff at Robinsons Bookshop, The Glen for organising such a terrific event and for looking after us so well.

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