YABBA – Young Australians Best Book Awards

Each year I make it a priority to attend the Awards Ceremony for YABBA which stands for Young Australians Best Book Awards. If you’d like to know more about it here’s the link: http://yabba.org.au/about-yabba/

My day began with a drive to illustrator Marjory Gardner’s house – an opportunity to chat about all things books on our way out to St. Thomas More Primary School in Hadfield. As I approached Marjory’s street I was surprised to see a beautiful Border Collie sheltering under the tray of a builder’s ute with two front paws extending out that little bit too much on to the road. I parked my car but knew I couldn’t continue my day without first confirming the dog was safe and whoever owned him knew where he was waiting.

I checked the dog, (yes still there in the same spot) then entered the backyard of the house where I could hear men at work.

Yes, Bailey has a habit of doing this – it is how he has always sat, under the tray of the ute no matter how busy the road and how many times he’s invited into the safety of the backyard. Apparently this same enquiry i.e. ‘Is your dog ok?’ happens at least once a week. I left feeling ready for the day with Bailey on the footpath receiving a pat from the owner of the house.

At the YABBA venue student representatives and teachers attended from many schools and the day ran beautifully as usual, this year organised by both St. Thomas More staff and YABBA Committee members. Authors and illustrators were treated very well and we were entertained by students before signing books and autographs.

Thank you to all those involved. These types of celebrations don’t happen easily.


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