Writing in Lock-down

In the middle of lock-down and life changes, today I had a small accomplishment, at least with all that is going on, it does seem small. But to me – I am filled with relief, achievement, satisfaction and also that worn-out feeling.

Those close to me know that I always say, at the end of a story, ‘That was the hardest yet!’ and yes, that’s what I’m saying today.

Now it’s the wait and hope and wonder stage. This one took 28 drafts – I have the proof – which is not a record, but it was over a shorter but sharper period of time.

And no, I can’t talk about it any more because, as creators, we are all superstitious and paranoid – like if we talk about our work it will put a mozz on it and it will come flying back!

I care about this one with all of my heart and in case you are wondering – it was definitely made more difficult with lockdown, that’s an absolute certainty. Every writer I speak to is agreeing that the creative side is harder and more challenging. With less going on in our lives we theoretically have more time to create, but I’m not sure any of us are feeling that way.

Writing in the real is so important and I was unable to do that.

Now all my fingers and toes are crossed.

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