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The Warrandyte Neighbourhood House and the Warrandyte Café will be holding a series of Sunday lunches – good food accompanied by a presentation by established writers in the genres of Children’s Writing, Food Writing, Short Stories, Travel Writing, Memoir and Getting Published.

Last Sunday I was invited to be ‘first cab off the rank’ to talk about my past and current experiences on my favourite subject, Writing for Children.

An enthusiastic audience arrived at the café while I was setting up my ‘borrowed’ data projector (why are those things so expensive to buy and fiddley to set up?) which insisted on casting mauve/pink tones over my projected photos of 1930’s zoo animals, steamships, the Dog on the Tuckerbox, wagons, bullocks and carousels. Annoying but at least it worked!

That slight hiccup aside, I talked about my writing experiences, beginning with an accidental change of career, all because I came across a small ad by an author named Hazel Edwards who happened to be running a one day Creative Writing Workshop at the Balwyn Library. So began my pre-occupation with Writing for Children.

The audience, a lively gathering of writers of all genres from the Warrandyte Writers’ Group, Teacher-librarians, a graphic artist and others simply interested in books and writing for children, enjoyed a delicious lunch while they listened to me talk about my writing journey, the highs, the lows and the in-betweens. I reflected on the times when I kicked the letterbox in frustration at receiving a rejection letter for the story which I thought was perfect, the trepidation while waiting for reviews and the elation of seeing my books standing in Bookshops . . . and moving others aside so that a cover of mine took pride of place (we all do it unashamedly – move our own books and those of our friends so they stand out).

The next Warrandyte Café luncheon will be early next year and you can contact the Neighbourhood House for details 9844.1839.

For me the Warrandyte Café is simply a roll down the hill and it was a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon – fabulous food, a sprinkling of words and great company.

The Article below appeared in the Manningham Leader Newspaper, written by Anna Prytz and Photograph by Paul Loughnan.


30 Sep 11 @ 06:02am by Anna Prytz

Children's author Corinne Fenton will lead a lunch for writers at Warrandyte Cafe. Picture: PAUL LOUGHNAN N13DT310

Children’s author Corinne Fenton will lead a lunch for writers at Warrandyte Cafe.


ASPIRING scribes will be able to get tips from the top at a series of writers’ lunches

in Warrandyte.

Warrandyte Neighbourhood House manager Karen Throssell said the program was a response

to a significant amount of local talent.

“There are so many people with the same interests, it will be productive to get them together,”

she said.

The series, at Warrandyte Cafe, will begin on Sunday with Warrandyte children’s writer

Corinne Fenton

leading a discussion of the craft.

Fenton discovered her storybook style after the birth of her children and has gone on to find success

with titles such as Queenie: One Elephant’s Story and Flame Stands Waiting.

She said the key to getting a book up to scratch and published meant never giving up.

“It’s a rollercoaster.”

The Writers’ Lunch is on Sunday, October 2, at Warrandyte Cafe from 12.30pm. Cost: $25.

Bookings: 9844 1839.

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  1. Kaye Baillie Hey I'm first here! Congratulations on what sounds like a great talk at Warrandyte Cafe. I wish there was something like that here but alas I have struggled to meet any children's authors around these parts. I love the highs and lows - the mailbox incident then the elation of seeing your books in bookshops. Makes it all real doesn't it when what you dream of actually happens. I wonder what book you will have out next? Thanks for the blog, Corinne.
    October 5, 2011 at 12:36 pm · Reply
    • corinne Thanks Kaye. Maybe we might have a SCBWI event up near your area.
      October 5, 2011 at 9:37 pm · Reply

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