Words and Windows Exhibition Launch – Saturday 21 January

Although the preparation for Words and Windows has been happening for about a year, I wasn’t quite ready for the emotional wave that swept over me on Saturday when more than two hundred people arrived for the official launch. Because the rsvp’s were handled by Yarra Plenty Library, I had no real idea of how many or who would be attending and they ranged from tiny children who spent time playing with the mini train and railway (and mini Bob) to energetic 90 plus year olds who I’ve had the privilege to meet in the name of research.

Looking into the crowd was all the proof I needed that picture books are for all ages – from the ‘yet to be born’ through to those with white hair and laughter lines painted on their cheeks.

There were friends and fellow creators who I only saw a glimpse of in the crowd but thank you, all of you for coming along.

For those unable to make Saturday’s celebration, the exhibition will be running until February 13. I can’t be there every day, but there will be library volunteers and wonderful friends who will be sitting the exhibition to answer any queries or questions. My friend and editor, Karen Tayleur will be on hand today and I’m certain Karen will be able to answer any question you have. I’ll be there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and other days, which I’ll post on social media, as they come closer. Another friend, illustrator, author and art teacher, Anne Ryan will sit the exhibition next Tuesday.

Aside from the exhibition itself, Eltham Library is a beautiful place to visit sitting amongst the green, with a park, a cafe and a restaurant next door.

Full details can be found on the Yarra Plenty Library website and go to Words and Windows Exhibition.

Below are a few snippets of feedback and comments so far and some photos from Saturday.

BTW: my daughter just read Queenie at bed time, with tears in her eyes she asked “why are people so stupid and mean.” 

My reply: Please tell your daughter, that’s why I wrote the book – so people would know her story and it would never happen again – at least here in Australia anyway.
CorinneDear Corinne what a wonderful afternoon we spent at your launch yesterday and to think I won a lovely book.   It was so well organized and carried out.   The little girls offering pop-corn were beautiful and it was heartening to find so many people interested in reading.   The little Theatre’s performance was excellent.


I had the most loveliest of days today at the ‘Words and Windows’ Exhibition with a guided tour by Corinne Fenton herself. She lead us through stories about most of her books from ‘Queenie’ which was her very first picture book right up to ‘My Friend Tertius’ that is yet to be released. The research that she does is outstanding and the stories she tells about each book, the facts that she uncovers, and the people she connects with is amazing as well as inspirational. The exhibition also gives an insight into all the illustrators she has worked with – their exquisite artworks line the walls.
The exhibition is being held at the Eltham Library Community Centre until Monday 13th February – so if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do.
I also got to meet and hug and pat ‘Little Dog’ in person – his name is actually Harry and if you’d like to meet him too, he works at Collins Booksellers and ABC Centre in Croydon and they have an extensive range of Corinne’s books.


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