Weevil Muffins

There’s a weevil in my muffins,

He got in there by chance,

He jumped about in the packet of flour,

He was almost doing a dance!


At first I tried to catch him,

But he didn’t want to be caught,

So I tipped him in with the cup of flour,

And beat him up with a fork.


There’s a weevil in my muffins,

I stirred and mixed him through,

I couldn’t even see him,

Amongst all the other goo!


The visitors were coming

They’d be here any minute

I’d made my special muffin mix

With an added ingredient in it!!!!!!


When the muffins went in the oven,

I thought it best not to tell,

That along with the sugar and flour and milk,

A weevil was cooking as well.

Today’s pumpkin muffins – not a weevil in sight.


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