Unpacking Books

About a month ago we moved house, the second time in 18 months and somehow this time it was more difficult. Not all quite went to plan and although we still have many boxes in cupboards and in the garage, yesterday I took several hours to peep inside boxes containing my precious book collection, some I hadn’t seen for more than 2 years.

As would be the case for most authors and lovers of books, it was like re-acquainting with old friends and remembering why  you love them. I am still in the midst of explaining to my husband why I feel this way and we are in a running debate about my planned new bookcase and just how big it needs to be. I have this dream of a white bookcase built around the doorway but I still have to do some convincing on that.

So for now I will touch, hold, treasure and read my books as I measure them up for their new home which I hope will come some time soon.

But for now, here are some photos of the growing collection and the last one is my new writing desk (which came with the house!)


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