Tucker Road, Bentleigh, Primary School Literary Festival 17.3.15

Yesterday a group of fellow authors and myself, spent a wonderful day with the children at Tucker Road, Bentleigh, Primary School, organised by Paul Collins of Ford Street and the energetic Robyn Donoghue. We were greeted with warmth and very special place tags, created by the children – there was a terrific book launch, a quiz, workshops and author/illustrator sessions where we spent time with the students in their welcoming and especially-decorated-for-us classrooms. Thank you teachers, Robyn and Ford Street and of course the students. A fantastic day!

My special name/place card. (Thank you kids. I Love it!)

PirateĀ  Meredith Costain

Elephants everywhere.

More elephants. (Queenies).

Some of the creators of the classroom wall art.



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