The little things

It’s the little things.

As I sit at my desk this afternoon, the sun is streaming in, casting shadows onto the carpet and through the butterfly prism hanging at the window, making rainbows dance about the room.

Outside, the garden is looking pleased with itself, partly because we did some tidying over last weekend, but mainly because my green-thumb sister advised me what special things to add to the already lovely established garden, when we moved here.

In the feeding bowls, almost unnoticed, are two magnificent crimson rosellas feasting upon sunflower seeds.

The bright, cheerful rainbow lorikeets have already visited today, chasing away the grey doves, which, although so gentle in the beginning, have now become quite the bullies. I don’t know much about doves, but somehow, bully-doves doesn’t fit their image.

This afternoon we could easily forget about Covid 19 – pretend it’s not happening, imagine we are somewhere else, away from the fear, the constant threat of potential illness. We walk the streets hiding behind our masks and living limited lives.

But, if we all do as we’re asked and follow the rules, the suggestions and recommendations, we will move forward to better times, better days and more afternoons like this one, enjoying the little things.

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