The Book Launch for Subbie and his mate, Xavier College 27 March, 2022

As book launches go, this one was perfect and certainly worth the work and preparation that went into it. I have so many people to thank – the day or the book wouldn’t have happened without them.

Thank you to:

a beautiful horse called Subzero, affectionately known as Subbie, and his best mate, Graham Salisbury;  Anita and Nicole Salisbury for allowing me to enter their home, before and after; Karen Tayleur – for steering me out of the quagmire; Bernadette Kelly – for early horse advice; Adam Crettendon – for writing Subzero – More than a Melbourne Cup Hero; Marjory Gardner for support and guidance and helping at the launch; Dr. Sarah Jalim, Subbie’s vet who shared with me some memories and vital words and for launching in the most heartfelt and elegant way; Editor, Nan McNab who I worked with closely to get every word, the best it could be; Emma Freedman for support and permission to illustrate her image; Mark Wilson for his stunning illustrations – I always knew he was the right person to illustrate this book.

When I contacted Paul Collins at Ford Street Publishing, he said it was a story he had wanted to publish and had a newspaper clipping sitting on his desk. It was accepted for publication on Cup Day 2020. Thank you Paul; my husband Grant for sharing this book’s journey and Trish Trchala and Xavier College for allowing us to launch in such a beautiful space and Jenni for her creative posters and tote board, and thank you to all of those who came along to help celebrate.

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