Subbie and his mate – some of the back-story – Out on March 1

On the back cover the blurb reads:

When Subzero won the Melbourne Cup, it was just the beginning for him and his best mate Graham Salisbury. Never has there been a greater bond between man and horse. What they did together will touch your heart.

Subbie and his mate is about a partnership – the people they met, the places they went, the lives they touched.

They brought joy to thousands of school children, visiting schools all across Victoria and sometimes interstate. Subbie even had his own Working with Children card.

Subbie stood beside the beds of sick children in hospitals, bringing smiles to their faces and making memories to hold forever.

And yes, they stood tall in the racing community, Clerk of the Course team for almost 14 years – Graham in his red jacket and black velvet cap sitting proudly on the back of his beloved ‘grey’.

Subbie and Graham visited up to 30 aged care facilities a year and they both appeared at many charity events, functions and events, on and off the racetrack.

There is humour, happiness and joy in this book, but most of all there is love, trust and kindness and the story of what a beautiful animal and man can achieve, when they come together as one.

The book will be released on March 1.

Illustrated by Mark Wilson and Published by Ford Street Publishing.

Launch details to come.

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