Subbie and his mate – Launch preparation


As with anything important, it’s all in the preparation – in this case, the work done before the writing of the story, the work done before the book came out and, the work done before the launch.

At the moment we are all living in a very different world. We are making choices we haven’t had to consider before – do we feel comfortable going here, attending that event or that occasion? Keeping safe is where we are all at right now – hence the challenges with this launch and the safest place to celebrate.

We are fortunate enough to be holding this launch at Xavier College in Barkers Road, Kew, in what will be a Covid safe, indoor/outdoor event. If you have contacted me to rsvp, please wear a mask if you wish, and proof of vaccination will be required. RSVP date is tomorrow.

I’m now on the final leg of preparation and in between gathering notes for an interview on Radio RSN 927 this morning, I was also making horse chocolates, or as I like to think of them, Subbie chocolates. They’ll be wrapped in Subbie’s colours – when I get to that!

There’s a podcast on the RSN Site

If you’re reading this and would like to join us, please email me through the website here: [email protected]

My promise to both Graham and Subbie was for the world to know what they did – the joy and happiness they brought to the young, not-so-young and especially to sick children. They gifted special moments.

  • They visited in excess of 800 schools
  • Subbie had his own Working with Children Card
  • 100,000 kids touched Subbie
  • In 2017 Subbie and Graham were visiting 80 schools around Victoria each year (500 kids a school) plus old people’s homes, about 35-40 of them, as well as well as the children’s hospice Very Special Kids and the Royal Children’s Hospital.
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