Scruffle-Nut – A story of a special friendship

You can listen to me reading Scruffle-Nut at the link below. I hope you enjoy it.

Scuffle-Nut – Published by New Frontier Publishing, United Kingdom and Australia in October last year, Illustrated by Owen Swan and written by me.

Set in New York’s, Central Park in the olden days, Scruffle-Nut is the story of a squirrel called Scruffle-Nut and a little girl called Olivia, who loves him.

Reviewed by – The Bottom Shelf

Sensitive, with beautifully descriptive passages that are sublimely illustrated in a palette and manner as soft and gentle as the story, this is a story that tugs at the heart-strings for we all know the child who is shunned because of their “stumpy tail” and the silent pain and rejection they feel.  One to share and talk about what it would be like to be the one that is on the outside, rather than being part of the Bully-Bunch, and perhaps change a few perceptions. 

There are some terrific Teaching Notes on the New Frontier Website:

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