Queensland Research and School Visit Trip

This time last week I was in sunny and warm (almost hot) Queensland and today I’m back in grey, hailstoney Melbourne,  and it’s freezing!

As much as I love the sunshine (very much) there’s something about the contrast of the seasons in Melbourne. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a good book in a comfy chair, feeling warm and cosy, when it’s raining and miserable outside. Looking out my window now the sun is shining again, but not for long – I know there are more clouds and rain, on the way.

Back to Queensland. Last week I had one of those dream jobs to do. Two days of research on the Gold Coast where I had the absolute privilege of interviewing the most wonderful 90 year old!  If we could all be so fit and mentally alert at 90? I followed this with 5 days on the Sunshine Coast doing school visits and as I’m lucky enough to have two really good friends living on the Sunshine Coast, I had some lovely catch-ups in between.

I shared my love of books, writing and reading with hundreds of wonderful children and I hope they gained as much from my visits, as I did from meeting them. Thank you also to those wonderful librarians and teachers (you know who you are.)

A thrill on my way home was seeing the board book version of ‘Hey Mum, I Love You’ on display for Mother’s Day at Maroochydore Airport.

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