Phillip Island Probus Club

Today I set off early to drive the two hours down to Cowes on Phillip Island to speak to the members of the Phillip Island Probus Club, a group of about 100 members.

It’s always nice to get out of the city and once I left the freeways I had a chance to appreciate the scenery a little more – although the changes in speed limits was unbelievable with roadwork happening all the way along the trip, so I had to be very vigilant.

Coming down the hill and seeing the first glimpse of the San Remo bridge and the sparkling water is always a treat and something I remember from my childhood holidays.

When I arrived in Cowes, I was saddened to see that the old Isle of Wight hotel had gone (burned down some time ago I seem to remember) and I stopped to have a quiet coffee in the main street, some things had changed, some remained the same, before going on to the RSL to be guest speaker at the Phillip Island Probus meeting.

All those pictured below, were once Queenie riders.

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