Pages Once Read

© Corinne Fenton


Memories and echoes

pearls and lace

wooden tables – stories to tell

blue velvet cushions

a feather boa, floating . . .

and books, pages once turned.


Handbags and gloves

purses and petticoats

a special dress

worn on a once-in-a-lifetime day

when bells rang . . .

and books, pages once read.


Biscuit tins, pots and pans and dainty silver spoons,

all kinds of kitchen things

used in rooms where food was cooked

and loved and shared

and afterwards, by a lamp, or open fire . . .

books, words and pages,



Dresses and skirts

pants and shirts

and overalls, worn

in a time when a house was built by hand,

did it stand the test of time?

like the books which stood tall.


Flowers and music

rows of treble clefs

and key signatures, notes dancing,

which sat by the guitar,

the piano

the violin

which accompanied the music books,

pages once played.


Memories and echoes

all about us

lighting our way

while we remembered and reminisced

on times gone by

and the books we once, and still, cherish.

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