One Christmas Eve – Myer Christmas Windows Geelong and Christmas Parade

On Saturday I took part in the Geelong Myer Windows reveal for One Christmas Eve followed by a Gala Parade through the city of Geelong.

After signing books in Myer we gathered on a stage at the entrance for the official part of the evening before the black curtains were lifted for the window reveal.

As always, what stays with you is the faces of the children, full of wonder when the curtains rise.

After some more book signing I joined members of the Geelong community, dance groups, tv personalities and several hero characters like Batman, Spiderman and the The Joker as they ambled through the city streets. Geelong does such a wonderful show with thousands cheering the parade as we snaked along the route, passing the windows and ending up with a view of the beautiful floating Christmas Tree on the waterfront.

I visited the Geelong Carousel and passing the windows again when it was dark, it was wonderful to see parents and children stopping to read the story. One little girl was reading aloud to her mum – that’s what made the trip to Geelong so worthwhile.

The next morning there were noses pressed against the windows, a sight no adult could ever tire of watching. Such a lovely thing to be part of and I felt very privileged.

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  1. Gaye Thankyou for sharing, Corinne. Indeed, the faces of children and their expressions last a lifetime.
    November 14, 2018 at 10:43 am · Reply

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