Notable Books from my childhood

Last night I attended the Night of the Notables for CBCA Victorian Branch held at The David Williamson Theatre, Melbourne Polytechnic. Congratulations to all those long-listed.

Three wonderful guest speakers addressed the audience, Meredith Costain, Alex Miles and Libbi Gorr, with Meredith talking about the books which were especially notable to her from her childhood.

For me it was a trip down memory lane seeing again classics like What Katy Did, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Little Women. Gasps of appreciation came from the audience as Meredith held up much-loved and treasured copies of her precious books, many of which have influenced her own writing.

It made me think of my own much-loved, much-used and treasured collection of childhood books, not necessarily classics or well-known books, but to me they are precious and full of memories – the beginning of my writing.

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