Myer Windows and Little Dog and the Christmas Wish

It’s been a week of book signings, Westie Parades, school visits and talking about the Myer Windows and Little Dog, but today it went a step further.

Over my writing years, I’ve been lucky enough to appear on the television news for book launches and I’ve had my share of radio interviews, all of which are fine while you are in the swing of it. If, however, you haven’t done an interview for a while, or it’s a first time, the experience can be terrifying.

Yesterday morning I was told that the Myer Windows would be covered on Sunrise on Channel 7 this morning and that John Kerr, creative guru at Stage One would be interviewed about the behind the scenes work. I was then asked if Prince Harry, the Collins Croydon Bookshop dog, who valiantly accompanies me to launches and book signings (and westie parades), would be available as well. At this point I clarified that illustrator, Robin Cowcher and myself were not needed.

As Harry is not my dog, we all agreed that I would accompany Harry to the windows this morning, arriving around 8.15. To be honest, we were not sure what Harry’s role was to be and as we waited the thought crossed my mind, that the trip might have been in vain.

Around 8.30, cameras, microphones and support staff began to appear and it was then decided that Harry would be part of the weather report and at the same time we would get the theme of the book across – animals are not just for Christmas but for always and they need to be cared for. It was at about this point someone suggested that it would be good to have Harry actually ‘in’ one of the windows – so we had a practice run with me squeezing along the narrow space with Harry in my arms, behind the windows.

The practice run was fine but I was then told that after the interview and holding Harry, I then had 40 seconds to race back around behind and to place Harry in the Flinders Street Station Window. I found myself releasing Harry next to a miniature pram, on my knees, while throwing Harry special treats so he’d remain in the window and hopefully not attack the precious sets. We all survived . . . just, and had many laughs along the way.

Ninety minutes later Harry and I were reading to the children at Billanook College in Mooroolbark and once again, Harry’s behaviour was exemplary.

One question posed to Harry’s owners as they were walking down Bourke Street was, ‘Is that the 60th Anniversary Dog?’

Here are some photographic snippets from what has been a very exciting, exhausting, but rewarding week.

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  1. Neridah You're amazing, Corinne. So is Harry! Good on you x
    December 2, 2015 at 8:37 pm · Reply
  2. Neridah You're amazing, Corinne. So is Harry! Good on you x
    December 2, 2015 at 8:37 pm · Reply
  3. Sharon Hey Corinne, Immensely enjoying your Christmas whistle stop tour reports. It seems Westies are a lovely dog breed...although I must admit that most dogs are gorgeous, it is the owners who need training! Thank you for your mail which I received last week, appreciate it, Warm regards Sharon
    December 2, 2015 at 11:28 pm · Reply

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