My Favourite Bookshops and book related places – Fairfield Books

Nestled in the middle of an eclectic group of shops and restaurants at 117A Station St, Fairfield, Fairfield Books is one of those lovely places where you can lose yourself among the shelves of beautiful books on all subjects and genres and it has a wonderful selection of children’s books.

Heather and her staff are always happy to offer help with selections or special orders and the good thing about this type of bookshop, is that they will always order in that particular book which you haven’t been able to get hold of.

Over the years I’ve been to many book launches for friends and colleagues and been part of Book Week celebrations and National Bookshop Days at Fairfield Books which are always well attended.

With Carole Wilkinson and Michael Prior – National Bookshop Day 2015

The passing traffic is also varied.

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