Month of Poetry

Four years ago, writer and poet Kathryn Apel set up a blog called Month of Poetry and offered a challenge to interested writers to write a poem a day for the month of January. So each January snippets of creations are born from this exercise – some are complete poems, others, pieces of poetry, some of which get used in other writing. Some are stand alone poems and others are beginnings, middles and endings of larger works.

One thing  I often use these poems for, is placing them as my weekly Wednesday blog – for those times when I’m busy with other writing or presentations I often choose a poem from this collection and post it.

This January I’m doing something a little different – I have for quite some time wanted to write a verse novel so my plan this January is to do exactly that – using each day to post another page of a verse novel, the working title at the moment is ‘Changes.’

More participants have registered this year too, so there will be more exciting poetry to read from other contributors.

It has become a wonderful habit, and something to look forward to as we emerge from Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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