Moments in Book Week – Subbie and his mate and Lionel and Me

In anything in life, there are special moments which stay stamped in your memory, there for always. Three special things happened this Book Week, which will forever remain with me.

The first happening was that, as creators, we were actually ‘out there’ for Book Week 2022. During Covid we still had school visits, but on Zoom and other like platforms. While these facilities are wonderful, nothing beats being there with those kids, seeing their faces, answering their constant questions (and listening to their statements) and just being with them. Finding locations of schools and libraries has become so much easier with a gps telling you where to go and although the ‘finding a car park’ experience is only becoming more challenging – it’s all part of Book Week.

Another special moment for me was presenting to my niece’s prep class. Having known Bec literally from birth – because I was there – it was a joy to see her in action as a teacher and doing such a wonderful job.

And my third special moment was with a group of 5/6 students. Once again, because of Covid, there haven’t been as many opportunities with promoting books as there was in the past. So, although Subbie and his mate was launched in March, yesterday was my first experience of doing a whole session on that book – talking about how it came about, the creation of it and then finally reading the story to 160 students.

I have always said that for me, the greatest joy is reading something I’ve written to an audience who doesn’t move – there was not a wriggle, a sniffle or a single shoe valcro adjustment yesterday as I read Subbie and his mate.  At the end there were tears (mainly from the teachers) and a spontaneous applause. Nothing beats that feeling. Thank you students – you know who you are.

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