Little Dog and the Summer Holiday Launch Preparation – A visit from Harry

In preparation for the Little Dog and the Summer Holiday Book Launch on Saturday 7th October, at Collins Booksellers Croydon, Harry, who is hosting, came to visit me today.

There were guest lists to discuss, a cake to organise and lots of finer details to work out with Harry but

first some informal publicity shots in my very messy office with another fluffy friend,


followed by the more formal ones (that Harry uncharacteristically wasn’t quite in the mood for) so it was necessary to bribe him with treats (not so good for his waistline),

followed by a long walk where he admired his friend Maddie, (who was playing ‘hard to get’)

sniffed some lovely spring blooms

before heading back to his duties at the bookshop.

Launch invitation below – all welcome – but please advise for catering purposes (although Harry did insist that we needed the very largest cake, along with some paw-print biscuits . . . for humans and little dogs.)

LittleDogEvent Invite-1


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  1. Chris Bell Harry is gorgeous and always going to steal the show. Cannot wait to welcome Little Dog's new adventure and see Harry again. xx
    September 27, 2017 at 9:34 pm · Reply

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