Little Dog and the Christmas Wish in Myer Windows Geelong

Last Friday morning, Prince Harry and I set off on a weekend adventure to Geelong to be part of the unveiling of the Myer Christmas Windows and the Twilight Gala Parade in Geelong.

Although I checked on two occasions to make sure Harry could travel with me, we ran into a huge hiccup at Southern Cross Station as we were boarding the Geelong-bound train.

Regional train rules say that dogs must be carried in a cage – the short version is that neither Harry or I coped with this well at all. Rules are rules though so after we raced up to the luggage department at Southern Cross to acquire said cage, missed our train and then boarded the next one, Harry started shaking and hyperventilating (so did I). Lucky for us there was a nurse sitting nearby who spoke to railway staff. Harry was released and he and I sat cuddled together on the floor of the train until we reached Geelong. An experience we do not wish to repeat.

On reaching Geelong we were greeted by author and dear friend Sue Lawson and from there all sailed smoothly.

We went straight to a wonderful hour long blog interview

had a coffee with a dear teacher friend from Kardinia College

then dashed off to a Bay FM radio interview, where Harry rested for a while.

We saw the lighting of the Christmas Tree and watched the fireworks before having a well-earned sleep.

We rested some more on Saturday before it was time to arrive at the Myer Windows for the unveiling –

four Little Dog and the Christmas Wish windows and one long window focusing on Geelong sights. Thank you to both Stage One Productions and to Geelong Deakin University Mechanical Engineering students for this wonderful display.

Then it was book signing time for Robin, Harry and I in Myer

before Harry and I headed off to join the Twilight Gala Parade meandering along the streets of Geelong.

Only there was no gentle pace for Harry. He shot along like a rocket taking to the attention like a ‘duck to water’ or a ‘dog to Hollywood.’ He was amazing.

I’ll let the photos do the rest.

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