Little Dog and the Christmas Wish and Hey Baby, It’s Christmas

I have to say I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the whirlwind created by ‘Little Dog and the Christmas Wish’ which was reprinted before it was even released. An author’s dream? absolutely but also exhausting. Illustrator Robin Cowcher and myself have been racing all over Melbourne signing books, talking books and of course Robin has been madly illustrating (even in laneways). The excitement is contagious it seems – tourists get caught up in the action so we often hear the words, ‘This copy will spend Christmas in New York’ or ‘This one’s being sent to London.’

Along the way I have met some beautiful children and two Little Dogs, Harry of course you will know from previous blogs, and now there is also Lexi who joined us on Sunday at The Little Bookroom Window Launch. Both are now keen readers of the book – as the photos suggest.

It’s said a picture tells a thousand words, so I’ll add a few below. The thing I’m finding the most heartwarming of all is the way the booksellers are behind this book – there are Little Dog Windows all over the place which makes this all so rewarding. Thank you.

And ‘Hey Baby, It’s Christmas’ for the little ones is certainly there too, it’s keeping up with them both that is the challenge.

Enjoy the photos of The Little Bookroom – Degraves Street (Sunday) and Robinsons Bookshop Greensborough (Monday)

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  1. Chris Bell A much deserved response to Little Dog and what is certain to become a timeless classic in picture books. Enjoy every moment, Corinne. (Rest later.) xx
    December 9, 2014 at 12:03 pm · Reply
    • corinne Thank you Chris for your support - you are always there.
      December 10, 2014 at 1:16 pm · Reply

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