Lionel and Me Book Trailer

Lionel and Me, written by me, illustrated by Tracie Grimwood and published by New Frontier Publishing was released in Australia and the United Kingdom on June 1st and will soon be released in the USA.

While a launch had been planned for July 2 at Collins Booksellers in Croydon, and hosted by Harry the Westie, I learned this week that stocks in Australia have already sold out, so sadly, the launch will need to be postponed. Once we know when reprint stocks will arrive, invitations will be sent out for a new launch date (probably late July or early August.)

This is not bad news for Lionel, who has been a little too busy catching falling tidbits from his little master’s high chair. Therefore it will give him more time to work on looking like he does in the illustrations.

Maverick is ready and set to go for whenever he’s advised of the new date!

Meanwhile, early reviews have been lovely, Maverick and Lionel are enjoying the limelight, and illustrator Tracie Grimwood has created a terrific book trailer (link below).

Enjoy, it is sooo cute.

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