Income Tax Return

Each year I dread the compilation of figures, paper gathering and rifling through bank statements, book lists and receipts in preparation for completing my tax.

In the last few years I have found a wonderful tax accountant who does the final figure balance, but like everyone else, I am still left with the task of attacking the paperwork and finding the figures and like most writers; I hate, loathe and detest figures.

This morning I feel like I’ve been handed a precious gift. I have finished my part of the dreaded task and I am not talking about the ‘almost coming again tax year’, I’m talking about the last one, because I always, always leave this task until the very last minute.

So now that the dining table is no longer covered with receipts, tickets and lists I am free to retreat back into the much more comfortable and enjoyable place of my study and playing with words at my brand new, second-hand desk.

This year’s tax – I always plan to do it early – let’s hope I can manage it in July this year!

My 'new' desk

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  1. Chris Bell Isn't it hard to pull ourselves away from the "other" world we writers build, to land with a thump at the bottom of the Far Away Tree in a pile of receipts and paperwork. I hope Mr Taxman appreciates the creative time we give up to put our financials in order. Or try to. Even when I keep up with my spreadsheet most of the year, the final sort and compilation still takes ages. Your new desk and "ultra" tidy office look ready for you to dive back into creativity. Have fun. Until this year's tax is due. :)
    April 5, 2012 at 11:15 am · Reply

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