In Conversation with Magda Szubanski on Reckoning, hosted by Collins Booksellers Croydon

Tonight I’ll be talking with Magda Szubanski for Collins Booksellers, Croydon about her stunning Memoir, ‘Reckoning’ which will be released today.

You only need to look at the wonderful reviews coming out now to appreciate what courage it has taken for Magda to write such an honest and open record of her life, so far.

Apart from reading the book I’ve also been watching older episodes and snippets of ‘Kath and Kim’, D-Generation, Fast Forward, Who Do You Think You Are and last night I treated myself and watched Babe, which I hadn’t seen since my children were young. Her ability to step into the shoes of such varied characters is amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing more about how she does that.

Her credits include work in television, film, stage and along the way she has picked up many awards. Her ‘coming out’ on The Project on February 14, 2012 took enormous courage, but for Magda it was time. As spokesperson for Jenny Craig, having the public involved in something so privately challenging, must have been enormously difficult.

I’m not sure whether there are still places left for this evening but if you have tickets I look forward to seeing you there. Details are below, just in case.

The venue is Viva La Dance (opposite the bookshop) upstairs at 125 Main Street, Croydon and the cost is $10. Numbers are limited so please make a booking: in store at Collins Croydon or email: [email protected] or call 9723 5577 or 0409 872 326


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