‘Hey Mum, I Love You’ Launch – this Saturday May 3 at 11.00 a.m. Ivanhoe Library

As everyone knows, launches just don’t happen, they involve preparation, organisation and often determination in gathering all those little details together.

While this launch will be part of a special Mother’s Day storytime of the Ivanhoe Libary’s wonderful activities for children, it will also be an opportunity for adults to gather for a chat and a cuppa and perhaps recall some of the special mother’s days shared with their own mothers.

So while I’m checking on the showbags (thank you Black Dog/Walker Books, Yarra Plenty Library Corp and Trish), ordering balloons, napkins and typing up a running sheet for the day, I thought I’d give you a peak at one of my favourite pages of Hey Mum, I Love You.



Elephants © Shutterstock.com/Albie Venter





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