Final School Visit for 2018 – Templeton Primary School

Last Wednesday I drove to Templeton Primary School for a session with 105 Grade Two students. Although the booking had been made through Booked Out, I discovered, during the setting-up process that it was the same school which our long-time neighbour in Warrandyte had been the principal of for many years, which made the visit extra-special.

I was greeted at the library entrance by a wall of wonderful artwork and a big sign welcoming me to the school. Librarian Alana had found a ‘How to draw a Westie’ on You Tube, so another wall was covered with westies drawn by the students.

I talked mainly about Little Dog and the Summer Holiday and Little Dog and the Christmas Wish, shared my show and tell items and answered about 105 well-prepared questions. It was a joy to visit such a library.

Which brings me to the vitally important subject of libraries and librarians. Over the last several years there has been a movement within schools to replace libraries with Computer Rooms, Technology Rooms, Early Learning Centres . . . but what can be more important than a library? A place where a quiet student, a lonely student or one who is perhaps having a bad day, can visit and sit and escape to anywhere within the wonderful pages of a book? What can be more important than our language, our communication through reading and writing?

Our librarians guide students to books they believe are suitable for each child, they answer questions and watch-over those in need and so much more.

Visiting a school such as this one, with caring, dedicated staff is such a treat for us creators and I’m sure for the children as well. Their questions are proof of that. Thank you students for your wonderful artwork and librarians and teachers for inviting me. It was a privilege to visit your school.

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