Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards

We are now into the fourth and final month for poetry submissions – the cut off date of 30 June looming.

Daily receipt rate of submissions has suddenly sky-rocketed and as I did last year, I’m holding off going to bed each night until every poem of the day has been read.

This year’s theme of The Open Door is being used well but I would love to see some more imagination used around this theme and more polishing of drafts. So many poems start out strong and fall away at the end because students are sending me draft number 1 or 2 rather than draft 10 or 12.

I look forward to teachers encouraging students, and students sending me well-crafted poems written by students who want to write, not because their teacher has told them to.

There are 20 days left! I’m ready for them to coming flying in.

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