Dog Rescue at Christmas

Last night there was a ‘meeting’ of the story of ‘Little Dog and the Christmas Wish’ and my ‘habit’ of rescuing animals . . . particularly dogs.

I was on my way to a Christmas gathering at 5.30 – peak hour traffic on a busy main road where cars and buses were whizzing by at a frantic pace. Then, I spotted a pale coloured flash – a whippet ‘playing’ with the traffic. There were so many moments when I thought the dog would be hit by a passing car from either or both directions and at one point (of course I pulled to the side of the road) I was almost successful in getting him to jump into the passenger side of my car, but it was very windy and he was spooked when my car door started to close and he took off again across the road. Somehow he managed to make it to the other side, there was a break in the traffic and I (also somehow) managed to get to a side street as the dog was heading out of a service station and I asked a passer-by to grab him.

The passer-by (who happened to live just around the corner) held his collar while I rang the council who promised to pick up the dog from the passer-by’s house.)

A happy ending, but it could have very easily been the other way and it’s a timely reminder for all of us to take extra care of our animals, especially at this busy (chaotic) time of year. We don’t want any more lost little dogs at Christmas . . . just the story will do.


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