Collins Booksellers – Sale, Victoria

Collins Booksellers – Sale – 24 November, 2012 – Hey Baby!

Collins Booksellers Sale with Liz and Trevor Watt – 24 November, 2012

It’s quite a while since I’ve been to Sale and visited Collins Booksellers (2012) but I have some very happy memories of book signings and events there with Liz and Trevor Watt.

I also have some happy childhood memories. Back in the 1960’s my uncle was the Station Master at Sale and we would visit for weekend escapes to the country, riding our bikes freely on winding dirt roads along the railway.

Of course there was a white fluffy dog, Candy, who belonged to our cousins. One day we were passing an old tumble-down house. Candy jumped from the bike basket and raced toward the house.

‘Noooo,’ screamed my cousin. ‘That’s house is haunted,’ she said.

Yes, that did become a book, an educational one published in about 2001 or thereabouts – called The Creaky House Club, illustrated by David Dickson.

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