Christmas Eve


While setting the Christmas table this morning, Barbara Streisand’s ‘The Way We Were’ came echoing from the radio. With all the happiness and sparkle that Christmas brings, there are always tears as well and mine began. My mind went back to other Christmases, when I was small . . . santa, shiny new scooters, Christmas stockings and happy memories.

Christmas is such an important and emotional time of year and as creators, I guess we somehow ‘carry on’ a little more than most and music is always guaranteed to set us off.

So with tears making little pathways down my cheeks, here’s my Christmas table, ready and sparkling for tomorrow.

While I’m still cleaning out coconut from under my fingernails (from making rumballs), and being annoyed that the gingerbread house didn’t quite go as planned, I’m also finding those last perfect words for a 2015 picture book – the illustrator is about to start.

Wishing everyone who reads this, a safe and wonderful Christmas day spent with those you love.

Merry Christmas,

Corinne x

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