Christmas 2018

At about 4.00 pm on Christmas Eve I finished decorating the ginger bread house – my final preparation for Christmas task. With the wedding only 10 days ago, Christmas had been put on hold so this year I found myself buying final gifts on Christmas Eve – something I’ve never done before.

Thankfully I avoided the big shopping centres and enjoyed buying local and strolling along the strip shopping streets. I’ve noticed more and more the impersonal flavour of the big centres, the race for a spot in the car park, that frantic selfishness for the next place in the queue.

We saw the nearby Christmas lights,

attended a short Christmas service at our local church with the cutest nativity play,

and then gathered together around the tree. Christmas Eve has always been a quiet night in our house, enjoying a platter of special food while watching the Melbourne Christmas Carols on TV – always a treat.

It was all just a bit too exciting for the youngest member of the family.

This year Christmas Day was spent at my sister’s house, a short walk a few streets away.

It’s always so special – spending the day with family, reminiscing and remembering other Christmases and those we will forever miss in our hearts.

My first pudding looked ok, tasted ok, but was crumbly in the middle. Next year’s will be better.

Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you for reading my blog posts for another year.


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  1. Errol A wonderful ending to 2018, Corinne. And beautifully shown to us.
    December 27, 2018 at 5:11 pm · Reply
    • corinne Thank you Errol and I hope yours was the same. x
      January 2, 2019 at 12:38 pm · Reply

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