Christchurch, New Zealand – New beginnings

On a recent holiday to New Zealand we visited Christchurch. It was my first time there, so I had no memories of what it was like before the earthquake in 2011. I cried and wrote this poem –  I had to.


An ordinary February afternoon, 2011,

then …

It shook her heart
and like fire
it’s weapon was fickle,
it ran where it wished,
it tore her heart …
but did not break it.

It swept through busy streets,
raced along winding lanes
and ate the earth –
It pierced her heart …
but did not empty it.

Today she is planning,
moving forward slowly,
she must not rush –
It seized her heart …
but did not take it.

Time, patience,
caring and love
is restoring this beautiful city
and her heart.

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