Chasing Shadows Launch – Kew Library/Alexandra Gardens, Sunday 9th March 3.00 p.m.

With the launch of ‘Chasing Shadows’ coming up on Sunday, I am busy making lists, writing my launch speech, organising a running sheet of helpers and chasing up 100 little details, but no matter how organised you are, changes and hiccups happen.

On Monday I learned that my launcher, Hazel Edwards, has had a recent visit to hospital and been ‘ordered’ to take things easy for a while. For Hazel, ‘taking it easy’ is going to be a challenge –  so, as health is the most important thing in all of our lives, Hazel and I agreed that she should allow others to participate in the launching of  Chasing Shadows . I’m sure you will all join with me in wishing Hazel well

The hunt then began, for someone to take over Hazel’s role, so I made another list. The person needed to know Chasing Shadows, know me and preferably be coming to the launch and I am very lucky that Claire Saxby, fellow author and bookseller, not only fitted all these criteria but more importantly, she is also my friend.

So I will go now and chase up more little things like balloons, napkins and check out how the cake is going because launches just don’t happen, there are always hiccups and challenges along the way.

There is still time to add you to the acceptance list and it looks like being a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon so if you would like to join us please send me a quick email at [email protected]


‘Chasing Shadows is a number of things – soft, beautiful, touching, silent, open, heart wrenching and honest. It’s a picture book worthy of discussion and multiple reads, to truly soak up the meaning, purpose and unspoken pull of its pages.’

Buzz Words Review by Francine Sculli

‘This is a powerful book that will touch the heart of the reader, ideal for children who are experiencing the loss of a parent.

Chasing Shadows combines beautiful watercolours from Hannah Sommerville with the powerful yet compassionate voice of Corinne Fenton.’

Reviewed by Georgie Donaghey, Creative Kids Tales

‘Chasing Shadows is a story about finding a way forward through grief and loss. This is a poignant picture book – beautifully told.’

Reviewed by SquiggleMum




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