CBCA Night of the Notables – Lionel and Me

Last night, the Children’s Book Council of Australia Notables Book List was announced. In Melbourne this took place at the North Fitzroy Library. Unfortunately I was too ‘chicken’ to attend. Why? Because I knew that two of my books were entered and I wasn’t brave enough to sit there when perhaps not even one of them might be nominated. Pathetic, I know.

Instead, I pretended it wasn’t happening and I was sitting in front of a neighbour’s computer when three of my friends texted me telling me that one of my books, Lionel and Me, had been named a Notable.

Like many of my friends and fellow writers, the relief was enormous – but why do we do this to ourselves?

The CBCA is a wonderful organisation which strives in so many ways to support children’s literature and its creators.

Victorian President of the CBCA, Joe Panckridge said this in today’s Victorian Newsletter:

‘We are aware of the importance of that little blue sticker placed on a book and its ability to change the lives of its creators. We are also aware of the great value to those working with children of such a list of books to select from. Please share this list with those around you.’

So today, I’d like to give a shout out to all those creators who did not make this year’s list and say there are so many things which influence whether a book makes it or not, and mostly it is beyond our control.

Last night I was quite hesitant to announce it on social media until I decided that my characters, Maverick and Lionel could do the honours, so000 much easier than me doing it. Thank you Mavi and Lionel.

I’d like to thank New Frontier Publishing for publishing Lionel and Me, Tracie Grimwood for her gorgeous illustrations, the CBCA for giving it that Notable sticker and a big thank you to the many bookshops, including Collins Booksellers in Croydon and Collins Booksellers on Lydiard for their special support.


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