Bookshop Signings – Doncaster Dymocks and Readings – Subbie and his mate

Today I visited a couple of bookshops at Doncaster Shoppingtown – Readings and Dymocks to sign copies of Subbie and his mate as well as some other books.

Can I just say again, how nice it is to be able to do this and to talk to booksellers about a new book, giving them a little background and to share snippets about the creation of the work.

For Subbie and his mate, there are so many. Like the time two elderly ladies were having a flutter at the casino accompanied by a few drinks. As they were waiting for the lift, the goods lift opened and Graham, and Subbie, heard one say,  ‘I must have had one drink too many, I’m sure I saw a horse in that lift!’

I often relay the precious experience I had of reading draft number four to Subbie in his paddock. I told him the book would be the very best it could be . . . I think we’ve done that.

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