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When ‘Bob the Railway Dog’ was launched last year in Melbourne and Adelaide, I received a lovely email from The Australian Dog Lover website. was launched  in late September 2015 and relies on word of mouth and social media to spread the good news.
Its aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and and active lifestyle with pets. It covers a wide range of topics including: Health, Nutrition, Behaviour & Training, Events, independent Products News & Reviews, Living with Dogs (dog-friendly design, Christmas Gift Guide etc.), Dog Events & Courses etc.
Creating a dedicated Book Club for Dog Lovers made sense. Their Christmas Special was the third instalment and they published a Rescue Special selection also… (all the posts appear under Book Club on the main Menu tab).
With so many dog-themed books for children, they will include a regular Kids’ Club selection each month and I was lucky enough to have ‘Bob the Railway Dog’, illustrated by the wonderful Andrew McLean and Published by Black Dog Books, an imprint of Walker Books Australia, featured for January.
Oh . . . one more thing . . . Bob is in great company.



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