Ballarat History and Dr. Blake Tour

On Tuesday night my husband and I treated ourselves with an overnight stay at the regally beautiful Craig’s Royal Hotel, Ballarat in readiness for the official Doctor Blake Mysteries Tour run by Jim and Bev from Cardigan Touring Services, which we enjoyed yesterday.

With the TV series being so much in the public eye at the moment, we had initially thought that the tour might not be running but it certainly is. It not only covers filming spots of the popular series but we came away knowing so much more of the history of Ballarat and drove down streets we’d never been before. I thought I knew Ballarat , but it is so rich in history I think I could easily spend a week or two there and still not see anywhere near all it has to offer.

The other reason we went on the tour was to support all the actors who were/are part of the Dr. Blake series and I thought about myself as an author and how I feel about disappointments along the way. I know when I’m upset about a book or project, I feel sad or dejected. In this situation as a writer, I can hide away, wallow in self-pity in private, but not so for an actor. One minute they are at the top of the tree, part of a popular movie or tv series and the next, a movie gets bad reviews or a series is cancelled and everything changes. To have photos snapped when you re feeling sad, disappointed or angry, must be very difficult. I must stress that I am talking generally here, not just for the Dr. Blake series but for actors in general. Dealing with the enormous gap between highs and lows, must be very challenging.

Back to the tour, we would definitely recommend it to anyone РJim and Bev are wonderful hosts and are the keepers of so much knowledge of the history of Ballarat. Cardigan Touring Services conduct short tours around Ballarat and much of Western Victoria.


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