Autumn Words

There is something about autumn . . . the cold mornings with wonderful promise of sunshine on vibrant leaves while the birds fly and flutter among the branches and scurry about the leaves which have fallen to the ground. For me, it’s about finding the best spots to escape to and hide away in, the perfect places to write.

As I sit in a favourite corner in my garden, the rays of afternoon sunshine warm me, urge me to write – new things and to find, gather and dust away the old. Having moved house twice in two years, I find I am still coming upon small treasures I’d forgotten about, little things from yesterday or long ago and that includes forgotten stories.

It also includes statues sheltering – memories of other times and other gardens.

The only sound is the quiet cooing of a dove – very different birds here compared to where we used to live – and as the sun begins to sneak behind a tinged-with-greyness cloud, I feel the chilliness returning.

Yes, there is definitely something about autumn.


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