Everyone expects Spring to be beautiful, new buds, fly-away blossom,  stunning displays of flowers of all kinds and colours – but for me it’s autumn which is my favourite season.

It’s almost like it sneaks up on you – one minute we are just surviving the heat and dryness of summer, then all of a sudden the mornings and nights become cool and we shiver with the knowledge we need to carry a jacket or coat when we step outside in the early mornings or after around 6.00 p.m. at night.

This autumn the days have been beautiful and while I’m walking, the leaves fall and flutter about my feet and the plethora of colour makes me want to sing, which would not be good for anyone passing by.

So here are some recent photos I’ve taken on my daily walks – splashes of red, orange, yellow, crimson and everything in between. Some photos were taken at the Botanic Gardens Melbourne yesterday.

And of course, autumn is a great time to write and wait for those words to dance about in my head.



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