Another poem – all about books

Everyone Loves a Book!

You can…

look in a book,

hold a book,

snuggle up with a book

or go to all kinds of places in a book.


You can pretend you’re someone else, or something else –

in a book.


You can smell a book,

have a bath with a book,

even eat your lunch with a book.


You can borrow a book

or lend a book

take a book on a long trip

or a short trip

because a book is a friend.


You can cook from a book,

make toys from a book.

learn from a book,

listen to a book.


You can paint in a book,

draw in a book,

join the dots in a book,

find treats in a book.


And you can always just…

read a book.


And when you’ve finished with your book

you can give it to a friend

                                    or keep and love your book forever.

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