Another Little Dog on a Summer Holiday – 2017 style

During the recent school holidays, Lily and her family, complete with little dog Waffle, set off on a driving holiday from Melbourne to Sydney and return – mirroring the trip taken by Jonathan, Annie and their mum and dad, in Little Dog and the Summer Holiday set in 1957.

Their holiday was 2017 style.

Can you see the differences?


Lily and Waffle leaving Melbourne.

Waffle is definitely a little white dog but not a West Highland Terrier like Little Dog.

Can you guess what type of dog Waffle is?

and ‘where’ this park is?

The rocket in the playground in the park in Benalla wasn’t there in 1957, which is when the story is set so Robin Cowcher has not included it in the illustrations.

As you can see the park looks different now. New play equipment is being installed.

Can you guess where this stop was for Lily and Waffle?

Hint, I have written another book about this special place. What is the name of the statue?

What town is close to here? (5 miles away) What is a mile?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge still looks the same as it did in 1957 (well, mostly), but there is something else very important in this photo that wasn’t there in 1957. What is it?

The ferries are still the same . . .

and just like Little Dog, Waffle was very happy to come home. There’s something about that word home.

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  1. corinne Thank you Lily and Waffle (and your mum and dad) for taking such great photos of your holiday and actually taking this holiday.
    October 25, 2017 at 9:14 am · Reply

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