A Whirlwind of a Week – Myer Windows 2015 – Little Dog and the Christmas Wish

A few moments ago I had a good name for this week’s blog and as I was making tonight’s dinner, a tuna casserole, I was writing it in my head. Then I got distracted with something else and the good stuff disappeared. Two reminders here – one that we should always write our ideas down, straight away, and as exciting and fulfilling as this week has been, there have still been the day to day ordinary things, I’ve needed to get through.

On that, today I had appointments in the city, totally unrelated to writing, but in the middle of the appointments my sister and I took some special time out to have a second look at the windows together, like we did when we were little girls – to watch the smiles, hear the gasps and savour the looks of wonder on the faces of beautiful children.

For me, the excitement of this week has exploded – emails, letters, phone calls and lovely messages on social media. Thank you, it’s been mind blowing. One of the loveliest things, is that people I haven’t seen for years!!! (up to 30 years) have been contacting me – my daughter’s prep teacher, my daughter’s ballet teacher, my son’s prep and year 2 teacher and some of the basketball mums from my son’s old basketball team, the people who bought our house and the daughter-in-law of the lovely couple who used to own the old service station in Warrandyte who always helped our teenagers out when they ran their petrol tanks down to as low as they would go. Then of course, the support and sharing of the excitement with family and friends I see regularly from all parts of my life, has been incredible. The warmth and love has been amazing. Thank you.

And when I visited today, I found some noses on windows. Apparently the success of the windows is judged by the number of times the windows have to be cleaned each day – smudge marks are good. Watching these three today, warmed my heart.

This is a small me, and where the story began – The Hopetoun Tea Rooms 2008

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