A Poem – Childhood memories

Driveway of Memories

 © Corinne Fenton

Dark furniture

old books

the smell of new wood –

old wood

music boxes

and cream lace.


Rain clouds

and willow trees

bending down

fingerprinting the ground

or dipping see-through leaves

into the blue.


Purple flowers

and winding paths,

patchworked green

waiting for tomorrow.


Church bells

ringing out

across the morning,

mud and skinned knees

running to get there

on time.


Rainbows of happiness

and smiles

looking in the mirror

or lying on a bed

of honeysuckle.


The smell of fireworks

on Guy Faukes night

standing at the bonfire

watching the flames

spit and dance

and feeling their warmth

on my face.


Autumn leaves

tumbling along

the footpaths,

daisy chains


white frost on the grass.


Hot scones on a Sunday afternoon

by a roaring fireplace –

old photos hanging

about the walls . . .

portraits of strangers

with porcelain faces



Holding on tight

to the swing

at the end of the row of poplars

which stood in line

each side

of the driveway of memories.



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