A Little Dog’s Birthday

Today is Harry’s 3rd birthday and if you’ve been reading my blogs over the last few months you would know that Harry is an adorable West Highland Terrier and the bookshop dog.

I was on the lookout for a ‘Little Dog’ look-alike to be a guest at the launch of ‘Little Dog and the Christmas Wish’ which was taking place in the Block Arcade on October 25 when in early September last year I went to pick up a copy of The Silver Brumby from Collins/ABC Books in Croydon and there I spied Harry.

Lovely Collins owners and staff were very happy for Harry to accompany me not only to the launch, (where he met the Lord Mayor) but to other signings and window launches (Harry was even part of a filmed reading) but for Harry the most exciting event was when Collins owners and staff invited 7 other westies to join Harry and Corinne for a signing at their bookshop on December 6.

Whenever I call into the bookshop Harry knows now I carry his special treats in my handbag but being a well-mannered Westie he waits for them patiently. I really wanted to take Harry a little birthday gift and have a cuddle today, but while I was driving to Croydon a giant storm arrived and I was worried that life might imitate fiction, so I’ll leave my catch-up until tomorrow.

So Happy Birthday little Harry – I’m so glad I found you and thank you Laraine and Mark for being so generous.

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